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Tree Trimming
We will remove any dead or dying material from your tree, remove branches that are causing property damage and thin the balance of the tree's canopy for both health and aesthetics. We want your tree to look good as well as be safe and healthy for years to come.
Arboricultural Services
At Kantzer Tree Services, LLC, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. We follow ANSI Z133.1 (standards for safety, arboricultural operations), maintain liability insurance (certificate of coverage available before work begins)  and maintain workers compensation coverage to protect you and our employees.
Tree Removal
If we cannot solve your tree problems by trimming, we can remove your tree. We can use an aerial device, crane or even climb it if you do not want equipment in your yard. We can discuss all the options when we give you a detailed estimate for the work.
Disease and Pest Diagnosis
Does your tree look stressed? Is it budding late in the spring and losing leaves early in the fall? We can help you solve the problem. Sometimes it can be as simple as taking a soil sample and seeing what the tree is lacking in nutrients.
Hazard Assesment
Are you worried your tree will cause property damage? We can give you a detailed assessment using ISA standards that allows you to decide what the appropriate course of action would be. Whether it be trimming or a complete removal.
Stump Grinding
After the removal, we can grind out the stump to allow for a replacement tree to be planted or we can clean up the grindings and fill the resulting cavity with screened topsoil and apply a grass seed.
Cabling and Bracing
We can give your tree extra support so that the risk of joint failure is reduced. We prefer to use a synthetic, dynamic cabling system that stretches with the tree to allow the tree to move naturally instead of a steel, static system that discourages the tree from growing as it should. These systems still need to be inspected annually, as do the steel ones, but they are less invasive as we do not need to drill through the heartwood.
Non-Arboricultural Services Offered
We offer bulk delivery of mulch, stone and slag. We also do snow and ice removal during the winter season.