Trees are the lungs of our planet.
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Tree Care Professionalism

by Kantzer Tree Services on 08/16/16

We came across this article stressing the value of professionalism in the tree service to both the customer and the environment.

We renewed our membership with the International Society of Arboriculture

by Kantzer Tree Services on 08/16/16

Being a member of a fine organization like the International Association of Arboriculture not only allows us to stay up to date on the latest tree care standards and the latest safety standards but also gives us access to a wealth of training materials to keep our staff safe, efficient and professional.

Customer Review 8/14/15

by Kantzer Tree Services on 08/19/15

We had a customer that took the time to type up a review and send it to us. We try to give above average service and bring up to date standards of tree care to the job sites and it is good to hear confirmation from the customers that we are meeting those goals.

Excerpts from letter:

Well, if you want an additional reference, you've got one.

Your men were all courteous.......They always had their helmets on and safety glasses on when operating equipment.....

Good crew. Good Job. Thanks.

Jay W.

Met with an ISA certified arborist.

by Kantzer Tree Services on 08/01/15

We had the opportunity to drive around with an ISA certified arborist yesterday and honed our diagnostic skills from hazard tree assessment to pest and disease diagnosis and treatment.

We found and identified a couple of things that neither of us had noticed before, we went over the some updates to the way ISA teaches hazard tree assessment and talked at length about treating for fungal problems and some pest problems.

Below, is a picture of a girdling root I found earlier in  the season and he showed me how he takes care of them if they are simple.

For more picures, go tour Facebook Page.

Girdling root that was strangling a maple tree.

Missed the storms?

by Kantzer Tree Services on 07/13/15

Looks like the storms missed Marion County. As always, when storms do come our way, be very careful if you attempt to clean up debris from your roofs or other structures. Even partially uprooted trees can be dangerous. Every year, thousands of homeowners and handymen that are not trained to safely remove debris are hurt or worse. Please, know your limitations. Trees are very heavy and gravity is unforgiving. Give us a call to see if we can help you out.

Trees Are The Lungs Of Our Planet