Tree Risk Assessment : Trees are the lungs of our planet.
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Tree Risk Assessment

by Kantzer Tree Services on 11/11/17

Flying Squirrels in a tree

Flying Squirrels and other wildlife setting up residence in your trees are just one sign to look for when assessing the risk of tree failure and resulting property damage or personal injury..

We all take risks every day. Just getting in a car and going to the grocery store puts you at risk of being in a car accident. The list of daily risks goes on but we also take steps to minimize the risk of personal injury. Seat belts and and following traffic laws are a few of the ways we can reduce our risks to an acceptable level.

We offer Tree Risk Assessments based on the International Society of Arboriculture's Best Management Practices standards. These assessments will give you, the tree owner, the information to make informed decisions to enhance your tree's health, benefits and longevity while reducing the risk of personal injury and property damage to an acceptable level. 

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Trees Are The Lungs Of Our Planet